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OCN Mail (Webmail) - FAQ

Please note that the availability of some services/software is limited to Japanese OS only.



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Q1. I forgot my Email address...

A1. You could find the solution at Customer Support.

Q2. I forgot my password...

A2. We will not give out your password over the phone or via Email to ensure unauthorized access by third party and the security of your information.
To recover your password, please refer to Customer Support from the link below.

Q3. I cannot access OCN Mail.

A3. The service may be temporarily unavailable for maintenance. Please try again later.

Q4. Can I access OCN Mail via a mobile phone?

A4. Yes. Go to https://mail.ocn.ne.jp/mb/login.

Q5. What will happen to my data, like saved messages, if I change my Email address?

A5. If you change your mail address, your messages will remain in your account.
However, your messages may not remain during a certain period of time after the service starts.

Q6. OCN Mail is so slow...

A6. Switch the display from "advanced-version" to "standard-version". If you prefer the standard version, go to "Detailed settings" > "General", and choose "Standard(HTML)" as the "Default Client".

Q7. The screen moves to the OCN top page after leaving for a while.

A7. After 24 hours of no-operation time, your account will be logged out automatically and move to the OCN top page.

Q8. Which web browser will you recommend in using OCN Mail?

A8. We recommend the following web browsers.

Windows Internet Explorer 7.0
FireFox 2.0/3.0
Macintosh Safari 2.0/3.0
FireFox 2.0/3.0
Fedora Core FireFox 2.0/3.0
i-mode/EZWeb/Yahoo!Mobile compatible mobile phones
Q9. I cannot send Emails to the Email addresses that have ".. (two periods in a row)" or ".(period)" immediately before the "@" sign.

A9. To send messages to the Email addresses that contains ".. (two periods in a row)" before the "@" sign or ".(period)" immediately before the "@" sign, access OCN Mail in the standard version.

Example of Email address:


For your reference: The Email addresses shown in the above are not approved by RFC (Request for Comments), but some use these types of Email addresses.

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Q1. What is "Tag"?

A1. It is a classification tool that can be used for Email message, address book, and calendar. It is useful to search items in these features. For example, you can tag such as "Emergency" and "Priority-Medium". Tagged messages are sometimes sorted in a different folder. If you search by tag, all messages with the tag will be shown regardless of which folder they are in.

Q2. Some spam mails are not properly classified.

A2. We use the information provided by the Spam Mail Community, which over 1,000,000 reporters join to report the spam mails, to update our spam mail database, and the accuracy exceeds over 98%. However new spam mails may not be classified.

Q3. I don't know how to create a folder.

A3. Click "Create New Folder" on top of the menu bar on the left side. A dialog box will open, so enter the folder name".
Next, select the location of the new folder. If you wish to place it at the top of the list, click "folder". If you wish to place it in one of the existing folders, select from the existing folder list.
To complete, click "OK".

Q4. I don't know how to configure the mail filtering.

A4. Click "Detailed settings" tab, open "Mail Filter" tab, and then click "New Filter".
"Add Filter" dialog pops up, so enter a rule name in the "Filter Name".
Select "Selected" or "All" in the "Under the following Conditions" field.

  • If you choose "Selected", filtering will be activated when selected conditions are met.

  • If you choose "All", filtering will be activated only when all conditions are met.

Then define the filtering conditions (Click "+" to add new condition).
Select an action from the dropdown list in the "Take the following Action" field. You can specify the folder and tag name accordingly. The condition will vary by the selected action.
Click OK to finish the setup.

To enable Filtering Rule, check the "Active" checkbox.

This filtering will be automatically applied to all of the incoming Emails.

On or before 02/25/2010, the system was not case-sensitive ("test" and "TEST" were treated as the same). However, now it is, because there were some cases that unexpected Emails were accidentally filtered.

Q5. I don't know how to receive Emails from non-OCN mail servers.

A5. Click the "Detailed settings" tab, open the "Account" tab, and select "Add External Account" on the right. "External Account Configuration" window pops up, so fill in the required fields, and save the setting.

Q6. What is RSS?

A6. By using RSS (Really Simple Syndication), you can directly get the updated information to your mailbox from your favorite sites that provide RSS feeds or podcast feeds.

Q7. I don't know how to set up RSS.

A7. Click "New Folder" found above the "folder" title on the left menu bar, enter the RSS feed folder name in the "Name" field, and then check the "RSS ATOM Feed Subscription" checkbox.
Enter the feed-URL in the URL field, and click "OK".
The RSS feed icon will appear as a folder on the left menu bar. If you open the RSS folder, you can access to the link. Open RSS folder and click "Feed Update" to update the contents.

Q8. I don't know how to search an Email.

A8. You can use "Search" textbox at the top. If you search by the advanced search which you can specify a sent-date or attached file, click the "Advanced" button on the right-side of the search bar.

Q9. I don't know how to send Emails in text format.

A9. When you create a new Email, click "Option" to select "Standard Text Format".

Q10. I cannot send Email...An error stating "invalid mail address" popped up when I try to send my message.

A10. You will not be able to send your message if the recipient's Email address of your outgoing message contains characters that are not compliant with RFC (Request for Comments) specification.

Email address cannot have a ".(period)" immediately before @ sign nor have "..(two periods in a row)".

Q11. An expecting Email hasn't been delivered.

A11. Please check your "mail filtering" configuration. The message may have been deleted unexpectedly. On or before 02/25/2010, the system was not case-sensitive ("test" and "TEST" were treated as the same). However, it is now case-sensitive, because there were some cases that unexpected Emails were accidentally filtered.

Q12. My Email address is duplicated in the Send-To field, but I only received one message.

A12. OCN Mail consolidates duplicated messages into one message for the efficient use of your disk capacity.

(Example 1) Your Email address is included in the multiple recipient fields.

To: xxx@xxx.ocn.ne.jp (Your Email address.)
Cc: xxx@xxx.ocn.ne.jp (Your Email address.)
Two fields contain your Email address, but it will be consolidated into one with OCN Mail.

(Example 2) There is a mailing list containing your Email address in one recipient field, and the other field contains your Email address.

To: mailinglist@xxx.com (This mailing list includes your Email address.)
Bcc: xxx@xxx.ocn.ne.jp (Your Email address.)
The messages will be consolidated in to one in this case.

When your outgoing Email contains duplicated recipients, they will not be consolidated. In this case, the consolidation will depend on the recipient server.

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Mobile Phones and Smart Phones

Q1. I forgot my password for Easy Login.

A1. If you forgot your password for Easy Login, the Easy Login URL needs to be reassigned.

Q2. The URL for Easy Login is expired.

A2. If you change your OCN Mail address or password, the Easy Login URL needs to be reassigned.

Q3. I cannot login through the re-assigned URL for Easy Login.

A3. It may take up to 30 minutes for the new Easy Login information to be fully effective throughout the entire system.
In such case, try to login from the previous bookmark or in the same way as usual.
After a certain period of time, the new bookmarked link will be available for the new Easy Login.

Q4. I want to use OCN Mail via smart phones, i.e. iPhone/Xperia.Address Book

A4. If you are using a smart phone, the service is available from the following link (Bookmark for easy access!).

You may not be able to view the page toward the right side of the display on iPhone (this problem is scheduled to be addressed). After logging into OCN Mail, use the "Old interface" which you can find at the bottom of the display to solve the display issue.

Address Book

Q1. I don't know how to make a new address book.

A1. To create a new address book, click "New Address Book" on the upper left corner, and enter the contact information.

Q2. I don't know how to import an address book.

A2. The contact list and address book in the comma-separated text file format (.csv) can be imported.

Login to OCN Mail, go to "Detailed settings" to select "Import/Export", and select "Contact" on "Category" from "Import".
Then select the import-to folder at "Target Folder".
Select the imported file at "File", and click "Import" to complete the process.

The data may be garbled depending on the importing file condition.

Q3. I don't know how to export an address book.

A3. Go to "Configuration" > "Address Book", and click "Export".
The list of the address book will appear, so select the address book you want to export and click "OK".
Select the save option and click "OK". Specify the location and the name of the file and click "Save".

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Q1. I don't know how to add a new schedule.

A1. In the advanced version, right click on the field you want to add schedule and choose "New Booking".
If your calendar is displayed daily or weekly, you can add new schedule by dragging the field you want to. In the regular version, you can create a new schedule from "New" button.

Q2. I don't know how to edit a schedule.

A2. Just click the schedule to be edited. In the Advanced version, you can right-click the part you want to edit, and select "Open" to edit.

Q3. Is it possible to have my calendar remind me of my schedule by Email?

A3. No mail notification is available.


Q1. I don't know how to add a new task.

A1. Select "Task" tab, and click "New" to create a new task.

Q2. I don't know how to change the task status.

A2. Select the task you want to edit, and click "Edit" to make changes.

Q3. Can I sort tasks into categories?

A3. You can sort tasks by using tags.


Q1. When I download messages with my Email client, I cannot receive ones in the folders.

A1. Email clients are capable of receiving messages only from the OCN "Inbox".
If you create a new folder within the OCN "Inbox" and store any incoming messages in the new folder, your Email client cannot receive the messages from the new folder. Please note that if you use the OCN Mail Filtering feature to distribute your incoming messages to different folders, those messages will not be received by your Email client.

Q2. I am using both web browser and Email client to check my Emails. Every time after I download messages with my client, I cannot view the original messages in my browser.

A2. Set up your Email client configuration to leave original messages on the server to view all messages via your browser and mobile phone.