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OCN Hikari with FLET'S - FAQ

Note: Support for some services and software may be available on Japanese OS only.


"OCN Hikari with FLET'S"


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How-to and Service Support


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Q1. How long does it take after I sign up to get Hikari with FLET'S service?

A1. It will take at least a week or more depending on the situation such as the status of equipment at your location.

Q2. Is there a difference in cable quality (connectivity) among Internet Service Providers?

A2. Yes. Connectivity varies by ISP. OCN is one of a few ISPs that carry the world famous IP backbone called "Tier 1".

Q3. Can I continue to use my Email address from my current ISP?

A3. Yes, you can do so by changing your subscription plan with your current ISP. Please consult your current ISP for details.

Q4. When should I cancel my current ISP to switch to OCN?

A4. To minimize downtime, sign up with OCN first, and cancel with your current ISP after your installation date is scheduled.

Some ISPs may "have a cancellation period" and "charge the entire monthly fee for the month of cancellation". Contact your current ISP for further details. Since the OCN service is free for the first month, your ISP bills will not be doubled.

Q5. I am not sure if I can get everything hooked and set up for the first time.

A5. You can request our on-site support service "OCN Kaitsu Tokoton Support" for connection and settings (FREE for the first visit).
OCN staff will come to your home and set up your service.
This service is available 7 days a week through 47 prefectures in Japan. Female OCN staff is available for female customers.

Female staff available in major cities only. Please check availability before sign-up.

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"OCN Hikari with FLET'S"

Q1. What are "FLET'S Hikari NEXT", "FLET'S Hikari premium" and "B FLET'S"?

A1. They are NTT EAST's/NTT WEST's fiber optic cable services, which provide Internet connection at a flat rate and allow you to access Internet as much as you want, anytime you want through the fiber optic cable. Ask NTT EAST/NTT WEST for details.


Q1. How do I pay my bill?

A1. Initial charges and Monthly charges (OCN service charge / FLET'S Hikari service charge) must be paid to NTT EAST/NTT WEST.

Monthly charges can be paid separately upon request: OCN service charges to NTT Communications; FLET'S Hikari monthly charge to NTT EAST/NTT WEST.

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Q1. How do I sign up for OCN Hikari with FLET'S?

A1. You can sign up for "OCN Hikari with FLET'S" from the link below.

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How-to and Service Support

Q1. It seems difficult for me to hook up and set up...

A1. Don't worry. An OCN staff will come to your home and set up your service. Right now, the first visit of "OCN Kaitsu Tokoton Support" is available for FREE with an "OCN Hikari with FLET'S" subscription upon request.

Q2. What equipment do I need?

A2. You will need a LAN card or cable which supports 100BASE-TX or 1000BASE-T for each terminal you use. The network protocol supports PPPoE (PPP over Ethernet). You can install the driver software for PPPoE sent by NTT EAST/NTT WEST after you sign up for any of "FLET'S Hikari NEXT", "FLET'S Hikari premium" or "B FLET'S" services .
If you subscribe to the IP phone "OCN .Phone 300", please do NOT install the "FLET'S Connection Tool (CD-ROM)", a driver software for PPPoE. Instead, see the manual in the IP phone device sent by NTT EAST/NTT WEST, or their website. Software provided by NTT EAST/NTT WEST may be available on Japanese OS only. Ask NTT EAST/NTT WEST for details.

Q3. Can I use multiple computers?

A3. To connect multiple computers, you will need a router with PPPoE (PPP over Ethernet) and NAT. Contact your device manufacturer for further details.

NTT WEST "FLET'S Hikari premium" comes with a CTU (Cable Termination Unit) with built-in multiple ports which enables simultaneous connectivity to multiple devices.

Q4. Can I use IP phone?

A4. You can use a 050 IP phone and save on calls with subscription to the optional "OCN .Phone 300" service at an additional fee.

Q5. I heard that you can watch movies by hooking up the Hikari cable to TV...

A5. "Hikari TV", a broad band TV service which allow you to enjoy movies on TV, is available along with an "OCN Hikari with FLET'S" subscription.

Q6. Can I access Internet on the go?

A6. With "OCN Hikari with FLET'S", "OCN Dial Access" access points are available for mobile Internet, in addition to Internet connection via "FLET'S Hikari NEXT"/"FLET'S Hikari premium"/"B FLET'S".*1 There will be no extra charge from OCN.*2

*1Addtional OCN connection charges apply to OCN HOTSPOT and FOMA Packet in addition to OCN monthly service charge.

*2Access to the OCN access number will incur call charges (billed by your carrier) in addition to OCN connection charges.

Q7. What about security?

A7. "OCN Hikari with FLET'S" is provided with various security services, such as Anti-Spam, Junk Mail, Anti-Virus, Unwanted Website Block and more. We also offer a file storage service which allow you to store your files safe.

Q8. How do I get support for troubleshooting?

A8. We have a dedicated support representative to help OCN customers via Email or phone (toll free).
We also offer on-site support service "User Support Plan" at an extra charge (available on Japanese OS only).

Q9. My Internet connection seems slow...

A9. There are many factors that affect the speed of your Internet connection, which may be hard to figure out. Please check your network environment as needed in order to optimize your Internet connection.

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Q1. Can I choose an Email account?

A1. YES. You can use any account name (before @ mark) that has not been used by another customer. Mail host name (after @ mark) will be assigned by OCN.

Your mail address should look like this:
(your account name) @ (mail-host-name).ocn.ne.jp

Q2. How much storage space do I get and how long does OCN keep my messages?

A2. See the link below for details on Email.

Q3. I want more Email addresses for my family...

A3. You can have up to 30 Email addresses per "OCN Hikari with FLET'S" subscription at an additional charge.

Q4. Can I forward messages automatically and check Email from my cell phone?

A4. Yes. With the "OCN Mail" service, you can forward messages and check Email from your cell phone.

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