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OCN ADSL "FLET'S" - Terms and Conditions

Services of OCN ADSL "FLET'S"

  • The subscription of FLET'S ADSL needs to be requested to NTT EAST/NTT WEST, and the subscription of OCN ADSL "FLET'S" needs to be requested to NTT Communications.
    The fees will be charged accordingly.

  • FOMA Packet Data Communications (flat rate) and OCN HOT SPOT access points are available (Additional connection fees will apply to access the access points). The following access points are not available: Analog/ISDN, AIR-EDGE and PIAFS.

  • The communication speed will vary depending on the network traffic and ADSL line condition, and the speed is not guaranteed.

  • You cannot connect from multiple locations with the single ID simultaneously.


  • This service cannot be used with ISDN line. Make sure to confirm the terms of service and operating requirements of "FLET'S ADSL" before signing-up.
    Please refer the web site of NTT EAST/NTT WEST for details.

  • Upon using FLET'S ADSL service, the communication speed on ADSL may be degraded or the connection may be disconnected before/after the service starts.

  • The service areas are basically the same as FLET'S ADSL provided by NTT EAST/NTT WEST. However, the service may not be available even if you are in the service area.

  • OCN .Phone Office cannot be used with OCN ADSL "FLET'S" 1.5M/Entry (1M) plan due to the insufficient band efficiency.

Internet Connection

  • The user interface for the FLET'S ADSL is 10BASE-T, 100BSE-TX or USB.

  • For details and types of available ADSL modems, please contact NTT EAST/NTT WEST.

  • A "050 IP Phone device" is required for the IP phone "OCN .Phone 300 / OCN .Phone". If you prefer not to have OCN arrange your FLET'S line order with NTT EAST / NTT WEST for you, make sure you contact Customer's Front (Toll free: 0120-506506) to request a "050 IP Phone device". OCN will pass your request to NTT EAST/NTT WEST and have them contact you regarding the arrangement / exchange of a "050 IP Phone device" (Make sure you let them know if you use "OCN .Phone 300 / OCN .Phone" with "Hikari Dewa".)

  • FLET'S ADSL uses PPPoE (PPPover Ether) communication protocol, and the PPPoE compatible communication software (FLET'S Connection Tool) is required.

  • The "FLET'S Connection Tool (CD-ROM)" will be sent to you from NTT EAST/NTT WEST after you sign up for "FLET'S ADSL". The service will be available after the software is installed on your computer.
    If you use "OCN .Phone 300 / OCN .Phone" or non-Japanese OS, do not use the PPPoE driver software "FLET'S Connection Tool (CD-ROM)". Instead, refer to the instruction manual enclosed with your IP phone device from NTT EAST / NTT WEST or to their web sites.
    Ask NTT EAST / NTT WEST for details.

  • This plan uses "dynamic method" as used in most dial up connections, where a global IP address is assigned to each device you use on a network for the duration of its connection. For customers who desire static IP addresses, "OCN ADSL Access IP1 'FLET'S' Plan" and "OCN ADSL Access IP8/IP16 'FLET'S' Plan" are available.
    The combined use with "OCN Hosting Service" (additional fee required) that provides a server on the OCN network side enables you to manage your website and Email with your own domain name without installing a server on the client-side network. Go to the link below for details such as pricing.

  • You will need to enter your Authentication ID and Password every time you make a connection. OCN Authentication ID and Password will be notified you at the time service starts.

  • Multiple computers cannot share a single Internet connection.
    When you share a connection with multiple computers, you will need to connect an ADSL modem with a router with PPPoE (PPP over Ethernet) and NAT.
    Please contact NTT EAST/NTT WEST/manufacturer for details.

  • "OCN .Phone 300 / OCN .Phone" requires a "050 IP phone device" supplied by NTT EAST /NTT WEST.
    Make sure you order the device from NTT EAST / NTT WEST.

  • The customers who are using IV-110SN or DN-C200NC, the maximum interface speed is 10Mbps. If you wish the speed to be more than 10Mbps, please ask NTT EAST/NTT WEST for 050 IP Phone compatible devices.

Switching from OCN Dial Access or OCN Hikari "FLET'S" services.

  • If you make the change request through online, the new service will be applied from 3 days after the request date.
    However, the service charge will start to be counted from the next month of the requested month.

    If the month becomes next month within 3 days from the request date, the service can be used from the first date of the new month.
    If you signed up by an application form, not by online, you can start using the service after the receipt of "Details of Contracts" mailed to you.

  • You can keep using the same Email address and web account for Page ON after the change of the service.


  • The basic monthly charge will not be charged for the month that the service starts.
    (However, if you change from other plan, you will be charged for the basic monthly charge of the previous plan.)

  • You will be charged for OCN FLET'S ADSL from the first connection made via FLET'S line provided by NTT EAST/NTT WEST to OCN.
    If you change to this plan, you will be charged from the first date of next month after the first connection made via FLET'S line provided by NTT EAST/NTT WEST to OCN.

    Even if there's no connection established, the service will be automatically charged after the certain period of time.

  • If the cancellation is made in the middle of the month, the monthly charge will not be calculated on a prorated basis.
    If the service plan is switched, the monthly charge for the service change month will be the same as the previous month.

  • Even if the monthly accumulated usage time is 0 hour, you will still be charged for the basic monthly charge.

  • For the payment of OCN charge, please select either from "Account Transfer" or "Credit Card Payment".
    Make sure to select the payment type within 1 month*1 following the "OCN Setup Guide" enclosed with "OCN Members Registration".

For the customer wishing to have Billing Statement/Automatic Payment Notice, the issuing commission of ¥100 (Tax excl.) *2 will be charged for each request.

*1Allow approximately 2 months for automatic payment to be activated.

*2Handling fees will be waived during the new subscribers' first 4 months of service to process their payment method.

For details about payment options, see the link below.


  • Limit on Excessive Data Transfer
    Subscribers whose amount of data transfer exceeds 30GB a day (for Internet) will be restricted to their use.
    A notice will be sent to those who correspond to the above condition, reminding of lowering the amount of data transfer. The service may be terminated in case the limit continues to be exceeded after the notice.

5% consumption tax is in effect until March 31st, 2014. 8% consumption tax will be effective after April 1st, 2014 in accordance with the revision of the Consumption Tax Act in Japan.

"Transitional measures" may be applied when the billing period begins in the middle of March and ends in April of 2014. 5% consumption tax will be applied in that case.