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OCN ADSL "FLET'S" - Service Details

OCN ADSL "FLET'S" is the service using ADSL provided by NTT EAST/NTT WEST.
This service is available in broad area.
Since ADSL uses a current phone line, any interior/exterior wiring works won't be required if you already have a telephone line in your residence.

If your residence don't have an analog phone line or a phone jack, additional wiring work is required beforehand.

Steps to get started with OCN ADSL "FLET'S"

You need to sign up for FLET'S ADSL of NTT EAST/NTT WEST besides OCN ADSL "FLET'S".
By signing up through the OCN website, applications for OCN and NTT EAST/NTT WEST will be processed together.


Confirm the terms of service and operating requirements before signing-up.


Check the Service Area.


Sign up for OCN ADSL "FLET'S".

Notes before signing-up

Service Line

This service cannot be used with an ISDN line. Make sure to confirm the terms of service of FLET'S ADSL beforehand.
Please refer to the website of NTT EAST/NTT WEST for further details.
Upon using FLET'S ADSL service, the communication speed on ADSL may be degraded or the connection may be disconnected before/after the service starts.

User Network Interface

  • The user interface for the FLET'S ADSL is 10BASE-T, 100BASE-TX or USB.

  • Please contact NTT EAST/NTT WEST for the types and details of available ADSL modem.

  • Use of the IP phone "OCN .Phone 300 / OCN .Phone" requires an IP compatible device such as ADSL modem and adapter (hereinafter referred to as "IP phone device".
    Make sure you order the device from NTT EAST / NTT WEST.

  • The "FLET'S Connection Tool (CD-ROM)" will be sent to you from NTT EAST/NTT WEST after you sign up for "FLET'S ADSL". The service will be available after the software is installed on your computer.
    If you use "OCN .Phone 300 / OCN .Phone" or non-Japanese OS, do not use the PPPoE driver software "FLET'S Connection Tool (CD-ROM)". Instead, refer to the instruction manual enclosed with your IP phone device from NTT EAST / NTT WEST or to their web sites.

  • This plan uses "dynamic method" as used in most dial up connections, where a global IP address is assigned to each device you use on a network for the duration of its connection.
    For customers who desire static IP addresses, "OCN ADSL Access IP1 'FLET'S' Plan" and "OCN ADSL Access IP8/IP16 'FLET'S' Plan" are available.
    The combined use with "OCN Hosting Service" (additional fee required) that provides a server on the OCN network side enables you to manage your website and Email with your own domain name without installing a server on the client-side network.
    Go to the link below for details such as pricing.

  • Just as dial-up connection, you will need to enter your Authentication ID and Password every time you make a connection.
    OCN Authentication ID and Password will be notified you at the time service starts.

  • Multiple computers cannot share a single Internet connection.
    When you share a connection with multiple computers, you will need to connect an ADSL modem with a router with PPPoE (PPP over Ethernet) and NAT.
    Please contact NTT EAST/NTT WEST/manufacturer for details.